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Thanks to my contribution to our firm in process automation with Power BI, I landed my permanent contract for a job for which I was recruited for a one-month internship at the base!!

I make my small contribution to the SMEs in my neighborhood by providing them with tools to better monitor their activity!

Thanks to MANAGERS TOOLS, I was able to supplement my theoretical knowledge acquired during my university training with the practice that goes with it!!

Take control of your data

Creator of ready-to-use and customizable tools

Trainer in office tools: Excel, Power BI, Python…

Trainer in accounting and business management


Tool templates available online

We have a variety of management tools: dashboard, transactional application, functional tool.

You can browse our selection of templates below, or click the button below to view our full library of templates.

Human ressources

Forecast management

Cash management


Tutorials to apply available online

We offer mini tutorials lasting a few minutes to make learning easier for you. How to create a human shaped chart? How to make a traffic sign? How to do conditional formatting? How to use the geographic map for your representation? Your answers are accessible via the “Models” menu,


Working files made available to learners

Our training courses cover the professions of accounting, management control, auditing and finance and the improvement of office automation tools. We offer you free downloads of working files such as automated tax returns, configured depreciation tables, financial statements in one click. Training is available online and in person.

Explore a better summary of your activity.

The forecast income statement
It traces the income and expenses of a financial year and allows you to generate a result.

The forecast cash budget
It manages entries and exits and allows you to know if the company can reinvest its money.

The forecast balance sheet
It photographs what assets you have and the debts you owe.

Self-financing capacity
It informs you if you need external financing or if your cash flow is sufficient to cover your expenses.

Financial ratios
It is a ratio between two quantities which allows you to inform yourself about the solvency, profitability and financial balance of your company.

Profitable level
It informs you from what result achieved, your business will become profitable.

The working capital requirement
It expresses the amount your business needs to normally finance its operations.

The financing plan
It is crucial and makes it possible to ensure the financial balance of a company by summarizing the needs to be satisfied and the resources in place.

The ball is rolling in your favor when it comes to planning your results.


We give meaning to your data through sorting and visualization. Improving your data allows for better decision-making.


Beyond the partnerships, we had great meetings. We realize how the human network is expanding very quickly.


Think about the digital revolution. Think about Data base. The rise of Business Intelligence and artificial intelligence.

Your data deserves to be attractive, it affects the life of your business.


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